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The best way to create value for the customers is based on content co-creation; in other words, by allowing them to interact with and help each other. This is achieved by placing the Community at the center of the digital strategy, which allows for ownership of the conversation in a given category, while diminishing call volume for the call center, and organically generating a greater brand awareness and engagement.

Solvis Consulting can help you build your customers’ trust and loyalty, which translates into increased revenue. This is achieved through:

  1. Building a Community with its own domain (URL) –and not on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.,– optimized through SEO so that it is easy for customers to find through the channels they most often use.
  2. Providing relevant content that generates conversations using relevant topics for the Community.
  3. Taking advantage of your Community’s customer champions by using gamification.
  4. Encouraging the co-creation of ideas for your brand.
  5. Reducing the calls to the call center, using collective knowledge to provide solutions.

Community Platforms

Solvis Consulting implements community platforms that allow for the reduction of costs and increased revenue for your business. Any business can have its own development; however, we work with the main platforms across different industries in order to improve the customer experience.

By using a technological platform, you can develop a backbone for your services. The swift implementation and the use of the latest technological industry releases and developments will allow for more focus on your business objectives.

Community Operating Model

Solvis Consulting can help you design an operating model that will allow community platforms to:

  1. Facilitate the conversation.
  2. Facilitate collaboration of the community.
  3. Resolve problems.
  4. Learn from metrics.

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