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Every customer today has a digital thumbprint which they have created with every one of their digital transactions. Nonetheless, all this information can only be exploited at its optimum when integrated with the operational transactions, and by having it available to different business departments for decision making processes.

That is our area of expertise: integrating digital transactions with operating transactions. We understand that the true customer engagement value lies within the integration capacity of the users’ multichannels with the greater quantity of points of contact for your CRM and your call center in order to know when they have visited your store, what they buy, how much they buy, etc.

By having all this information available to the different business departments, you will be able to execute prompt actions such as:

  1. Convert marketing leads into opportunities in your CRM system.
  2. Move conversations from social media to your call center.
  3. Create email marketing campaigns from your CRM system.
  4. Connect the database for multichannel campaign management through email, SMS, and push notifications.
  5. Automate social media tags in key conversations in order to generate potential leads and cases in your CRM.
  6. Manage the customer journey utilizing the customer interactions and data.
  7. Bring the social data to your CRM and Business Intelligence for segmentation.
  8. Connect the customer profile data for remarketing campaigns.
  9. Bring Community conversations into your CRM.
  10. Integrate Knowledge Management on the website.
  11. Validate duplicate data by using multiple sources of information.
  12. Increase the database and its quality.


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