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Social Media

In today’s world, practically every brand and business has social media presence; however, very few exploit its true potential. Solvis Consulting offers different services to take your social media program to the next level:

a) Social Media Conversation Map

If you are new to social media and do not know where to begin, we offer our Conversation Map Methodology, which helps identify metrics, influencers, consumer behavior, segmentation, tendencies, and the social channels where consumers have more engagement with your brand. Based on these findings, we create use cases for go-to-market, sales, customer service, community management, public relations, crisis management, and overall engagement. 

In order to generate these conversation maps, we have created a methodology that focuses on audience analysis, the brand, the industry, and the competition. We also integrate other crucial tools such as Radian6, Sysomos, Google, Klout, Datanyze, Woorank, FullContact, and Facebook, among others.

Our Conversation Map Methodology allows you to:

  1. Understand how the audience utilizes social media.
  2. Recognize different audience segments and specific topics of conversation.
  3. Understand the Share of Conversation between your brand and its competition.
  4. Identify and understand the Share of Voice between your brand and its respective industry.
  5. Understand conversation topics, volumes, channels, locations, keywords, and key messages. 
  6. Understand the social presence (Social Graph) your brand’s customers have.
  7. Identify processes and segments in order to use CRM applications which would benefit the brand, as well as the audience.

b) Social CRM

Our Social CRM methodology allows you to not only listen to online conversations (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, forums, and other social media), but transform them into tangible and actionable data as well. We help our clients to continually supervise and measure the data as a means to evaluate the customers’ sentiment, identify the influencers, promote collaboration, and manage the brand’s reputation.

Our experts can help you recognize tendencies, understand real-time conversations, and have influence in order to transform problems and negative comments into positive transactions and experiences for the customers.

If your company does not utilize a CRM platform, we can advise you on low-cost platforms that allow you to manage the customer engagement aspect in a simple manner through social channels such as Twitter or Facebook. Through a combination of different technological tools, we implement diverse models of conversation management with notifications, identification and specific case approach, and the creation of agile work flows which allow enterprises to reply to conversations in real time.

c) Social Media Command Center

If your company or brand are ready to reach the next level of social media engagement, Solvis Consulting can help you take that step. Whether it is through a call center, or a BPO (Business Process Operation), or a communication and social media team, we implement processes and technologies for Community Management Center, which makes it possible to:

  • Listen to and analyze conversations
  • Generate user engagement based on such conversations, focusing in specific objectives:
    • Customer Service
    • Marketing
    • Outsourcing the call center
    • Crisis Management
    • Sales
  • Publishing management, its corresponding rules, and Content Marketing Governance
  • Integrate CRM with Customer Service
  • Use a Knowledge Base to manage responses to users

Among the roles that operate the Social Command Center are a Social Media Director, supervisors, community managers, analysts, a Knowledge Base manager, and an administrator for the community platform.

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