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Strategy, Education Services, and Change Management

Social CRM Strategy Service

Solvis Consulting uses a simple methodology to implement different social media initiatives with a CRM focus. We identify opportunities in order to attract those customers who are already having conversations about a brand or a company on the Internet.

Initially, we look for online conversations and then analyze the digital marketing efforts, SEO, medium, public relations, and the actual CRM strategy. From that analysis, we can help maximize the existing infrastructure (call center, web, marketing teams, etc.), in order to generate better customer engagement and convert those conversations and interactions into real transactions.

Our methodology allows you to:

  1. Listen to conversations in different channels and social media.
  2. Expand the CRM strategy and integrate it with social media.
  3. Recognize key aspects needing improvement in the current CRM.
  4. Understand the essential requirements of the culture and the business in order to optimize the customer relationship.
  5. Prepare to launch a private or public social network for customers.
  6. Apply SEM, SEO, digital marketing, email, and landing pages to promote products and services.

CRM and Call Center Certification

Through our Professional Training Center you can find a wide range of training opportunities with a team of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the call center field.

Additionally, we offer all of our clients a personalized Annual Traning Plan at no cost. This plan is based on the assessed needs in relation to human resources, infrastructure, and call center applications, with the intention of optimizing the operational levels.

Our offer of more than 50 online, classroom, or a mix of online and classroom courses includes:

  1. CRM International Certification.
  2. Social CRM and Social Media Certification.
  3. Customer Experience Management.
  4. Contact Center Operations.
  5. Quality Assurance Management.
  6. Workforce Management.
  7. Assertive Communication.
  8. Voice Management.
  9. Sales and Telemarketing Administration.
  10. Customer Service Management.

Change Management Programs

We use technologies and a user oriented metodology to facilitate the empowerment of users to fulfill the benefits of the solution.

CRM Audit

We conduct detailed audits of the Customer Lifecycle Management, which allows us to find different ways to improve the marketing, sales, and customer attention operations. The resources for the new CRM initiatives will obtain an in-depth knowledge of the current status, and they gain understanding on how to better focus their efforts under the CRM strategy and guidelines.

The Customer Lifecycle

To make the right offer at the right time is crucial in order to increase revenue. You can achieve this by implementing strategies based on the management of the customer relationship, in addition to growing your customer base.

Solvis Consulting can help you develop a detailed study of the customer journey by defining profiles in a wide and structured manner, which provides the opportunity to improve the operational effectiveness and efficiency of a marketing, sales, and customer service business.

Among some of the benefits are:

  • It helps to create a conscensus among all CRM initiative participants in respect to the current status and the systematic focus which should be adopted and implementing under the policies of a CRM strategy.
  • A more gratifying experience is created for the CRM team members, giving everyone the opportunity to make a valuable contribution
    • Web Surveys
    • By Industry
    • Customizable
    • Current Status Analysis
    • Gaps Analysis
    • Analysis of Priorities
    • Top 10 Opportunities
    • Top 10 Strengths
    • Data Filter
    • Interactive Reports
    • Employee Feedback

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