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Solvis Consulting helps small businesses as well as large enterprises achieve specific outcomes by defining the necessary systems needed and creating a framework to support them. Solvis Consulting seeks project success by understanding your business, industry and corporate culture. With over 20 years of industry experience on an international level Solvis Consulting sets itself apart by providing a more intimate customer relationship that will evolve along with your business.
Solvis Consulting provides educational seminars and workshops that will help your company achieve clarity regarding what is important and where you should focus your CRM investments. Our strategy services will help you identify opportunities to engage customers that are already having conversations about your brand or company on the Internet. Solvis Consulting can help your agency; call center; BPO; or social media team implement a Social Command Center to manage crisis, social marketing or customer support. By choosing our  service we will help you select and define a social networking community platform specifically configured around the branding and positioning of your business.


Social CRM Strategy Service 

For those who are having trouble kick starting their Social Media initiatives, Solvis has developed a simple methodology that can help. Our Social Media methodology with a CRM focus will help you identify opportunities to engage customers that are already having conversations about your brand or company on the Internet.  

First, we look into the different conversations on Web 2.0 mediums and channels and then consider your digital and search marketing efforts, your main media and PR efforts, and your current CRM strategy before making a social media analysis. From there, we can help you make use of your existing infrastructure (i.e. call center, web team, marketing team, etc.) to better engage your customers and turn their conversations into actual interactions and transactions.


Our methodology will allow you to: 

1.       Listen to conversations on the different social media and channels 

2.       Expand your CRM strategy to the Internet 

3.       Recognize key issues in your current CRM strategy that need help 

4.       Understand vital requirements in culture and business to maximize your relationship with the customers. 

5.       Use Web 2.0 channels to your advantage. 

6.       Prepare to launch a private or public social networking site for your customers. 

7.       Apply SEM, SEO, Digital Marketing, Email and Landing pages to promote your product and services. 

8.       Integrate your traditional CRM with social media. 

9.       Analyze the current CRM and Web 2.0 landscape in terms of trends, vendors and technology.


 Social Media Conversation Map Services 

Solvis Consulting offers conversation map services for use on social networking sites. These conversation map services seek to offer valid information regarding tendencies and metrics based on social media conversations. Services also include recommendations based on conversations regarding company brands, products, and competition. Solvis conversation map services serve as a guide on how to better manage social media conversations based on your company’s marketing plans, sales, services, and public relations programs.


In order to obtain these conversation maps, Solvis utilizes its tested CRM method of analysis, which focuses on the audience, the brand, the industry, and the competition. Furthermore, the Solvis method makes use of tools such as Radian6, Google, Klout, FullContact, and Facebook, among other tools.


Our conversation map methodology entails: 

1.       Understanding how the audience uses social networks. 

2.       Recognize different segments of the audience and their specific topics of conversation. 

3.       Understand the “Share of the Conversation” between the brand and the competition. 

4.       Identify and understand the “Share of Voice” between the brand and its respective industry. 

5.       Understand the topics of conversation, their volumes, channels, respective cities, key words, and intended  messages. 

6.       Understand the Social Graph of the brand’s clients. 

7.       Identify opportunities for use of CRM applications that will benefit both the brand and the audience.  


CRM Strategy Service 

The focus of CRM Strategy is to align your business strategy with the customers in order to turn the customers into profits for the company (ROI). 

The first step in the process requires the creation of a profitable operating model based on customer knowledge: 

·      Clients – Segmentation model and definition of “profitable” long-term customers. 

·      Customer Life Cycle – Definition of customer lifecycle (engage, transact, fulfill, serve) and desired customer experience. 

·       Brand, Products, Services, Channels – Products/services and go-to-market model.


 Next one must consider reforming operations: 

·             KPI, Metrics – Expected P&L impacts from CRM initiatives and defined measurements. 

·            Execution Processes –Processes and score- cards used to manage CRM process execution. 

·            Marketing, Sales & Service Processes – Key processes and their current complexity. 

·            Organization and Communication – Change management model, approach and current status.


 Finally, assess the information and results: 

·            Data Quality - Current state of data and processes to ensure quality data. 

·            Interactive, Operational & Analytic – Critical functionality required for supporting CRM initiatives. 

·            CRM Integration –Integration required to support the common view of customers and the operation. 


Marketing Automation

 Solvis Consulting offers Customer Lifetime Value services to help you maintain and grow your customer base. Through Customer Touchpoint Analysis& Lifecycle Definition,Solvis provides a Customer Lifecycle Methodology to help your organization provide a better customer experience across the many interactions points. In terms of Product Category & Customer Model Creation,Solvis can also provide you with a methodology to better assess your customer definition and offers. We help you provide one customer database with the same attributes across the enterprise with a centralized offer/product catalog.


 CRM Assessment

Solvis Consulting offers detailed Customer Lifecycle Management Assessments that allow you to find ways in which to improve your current marketing operations, sales, and customer attentiveness. The Assessment identifies which areas are in most need of improvement in order to properly process your CRM technology evaluation. Participants of your new CRM initiatives will also gain a thorough understanding of the current situation and also understand how to better focus their efforts under CRM strategy guidelines.


  The Customer Life Cycle 

 Optimize your revenue performance by making the right offer at the right time. 

 Implement strategies based on account penetration in addition to market penetration. 

We  offer a detailed study of the customer life cycle that renders an ample, structured and empirical profile affording the opportunity to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of a business’ marketing, sales and customer service operations. 


·      It identifies the areas in greatest need of improvement which allow for a more focused approach to evaluating current CRM technology. 

·      It helps build a consensus amongst all participants of CRM initiatives with respect to the ongoing situation and the systematic approach which needs to be adopted in order to move forward under the guidelines of a CRM strategy.  

·      It creates a more gratifying experience for all members of the CRM team, by giving everyone the opportunity to make a valuable contribution. 


ü  Web-based surveys. 

ü  By Industry 

ü  Configurable 

ü  Analysis of the current situation 

ü  Gap Analysis 

ü  Priority Analysis 

ü  The top 10 opportunities 

ü  The top 10 strengths 

ü  Data Filter 

ü  Interactive Report 

ü  Employee feedback



Additional Surveys Available 

vClient Perspective 

vEmployee Perspective 

vRisk and Maturity Analysis


























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