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Algunos de mis Tweets sobre Dreamforce 2008 - Keynote

Jesus Hoyos CRM en Latinoamerica

Demo of new LincVolt site #salesforce

Neil Young - LincVolt - site to develop new car technology #salesforce

Neil Young! #salesforce

Force.com allows you to use Amazon web services #salesforce

CRM meets Social Networking - Starbucks = Force.com & Facebook #salesforce

Starbucks Ideas running within Facebook! #salesforce

My Starbucks Idea - Force.com Site and Facebook... this is a great idea! #salesforce

My Starbucks Idea: http://mystarbucksidea.forc... #salesforce

My Starbucks Ideas runs on Force.com Site #salesforce

Impresive Facebook and Force.com demo #salesforce

@ajlopez long tail for cloud computing, agree, but hard to sell for PYMES and somo large enterprises in Latam #salesforce

Create your force.com apps and run it on Facebook #salesforce

Map the social graph with Facebook and Force.com #salesforce

Enterprise meets social #salesforce

Salesforce.com & Facebook presentation by Sherly #salesforce

I have been waiting for a CRM app to integrate to a social network...
looks like Force.com is delivering this. #salesforce

Enterprise Apps inside Facebook, or Facebook in Force.com = Force.com for Facebook #salesforce

The end of software with the platform #salesforce

New platforms with Facebook, Google, Amazon Web Services #salesforce

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About Jesus Hoyos' blog / Sobre el blog de Jesús Hoyos.


Welcome to my blog about CRM (Customer Relationship Management), specially dedicated to the Latin American region. In this blog, you will find articles in Spanish driven by anecdotes and experiences, best practices in the region, as well as opinions on the CRM, Social CRM, Communities, Marketing Automation and Customer Intelligence. Follow me on LinkedIn for random posts in English.

Bienvenidos a mi blog sobre CRM (Customer Relationship Management), enfocado en el mercado latinoamericano. En este blog encontrará artículos generados por anécdotas y experiencias, mejores prácticas en la región, así como opiniones sobre CRM, Social CRM, Comunidades, Marketing Automation y Customer Intelligence. Sígame en LinkedIn para artículos en inglés.

About Jesús Hoyos / Sobre Jesús Hoyos

CRM Consultant, Speaker & Influencer. Currently working on Digital CRM and Marketing Automation engagements in Latam. Managing Director, Solvis Consulting. Follow Jesús Hoyos on: Twitter, YouTube, Slideshare, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Consultor en CRM, Speaker e Influencer. Actualmente desarrolla proyectos de Digital CRM y Marketing Automation en Latinoamérica. Es Director General de Solvis Consulting. Siga a Jesús Hoyos en: Twitter, YouTube, Slideshare, Facebook y LinkedIn.

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