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Identity Management

Identity Management Systems allow for efficient and intelligent management, control, and gathering of your clients’ valuable data, from user authentication processes to description of actions to be performed and information which they can access, making a better customer journey experience.

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Social Media

Convert conversations into qualified leads and transactions, as well as optimize and manage your social campaigns throughout the customer journey. Connect your Social Media program with your marketing, public relations, and communications strategies through listening, management, and real-time publishing tools. Integrate a Social Command Center with your Customer Service Department in order to channel, reply, and resolve your followers’ problems in a simple and flexible way.  

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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation will help you generate qualified leads and reduce sales cycles through platforms that integrate a CRM ecosystem, connecting multiple-channel interactions and devices, email marketing, lead scoring and grading, lead nurturing, content marketing, social media content, SMS, and push notifications among others. Accompany your clients in real time with relevant content, motivating them to advance in their customer journey with your brand.

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Take your CRM to the next level by integrating it with your website and diverse marketing automation platforms in order to obtain valuable customer data, allowing you to offer the best customer service experience while generating a knowledge base either through chat, social media, email, or telephone.

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Build a community of clients and consumers around your brand, company, or service. Boost ideas, questions, and suggestions from your community, converting them into knowledge, and manage your social media channels integration.

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The true customer engagement value lies within the integration capacity of the users’ multichannels with the greater quantity of points of contact. Bring together all the digital and operational transactions of your customers. 

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Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence defines the techniques, processes, and tools necessary in order to analyze large amounts of internal and external raw data in a simple way. It transforms the data into meaningful and useful information, allowing for operational and corporate decisions to be made as well as defining new business opportunities.

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We have the vision and experience to help your company design the appropriate steps that align your marketing strategies and business objectives, while integrating processes, suitable technologies, and personnel, for whom we offer training, as well as change management programs for within the organization.

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