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Building a Customer Engagement Operational Model

Our vast experience implementing marketing technologies and integrating them to Call Centers and CRM solutions, had help us develop an operational model that facilitates enterprises with multiple brands and marketing agencies implement Customer Engagement Ecosystems.

Listen to José Corona, Solvis Managing Director, explain the key aspects and challenges of building an operational model. 

Content of the video is in Spanish.

Customer Engagement with Silos vs 
Customer Engagement using an Operational Model

Customer Engagement with Silos

The Customer Engagement with Silos diagram shows the operation that is currently performed in most of the corporations, characterized by having separate processes of engagement, marketing, customer service, sales and advertising through the different channels.

Customer Engagement with processes and business units that are not integrated can not  tangible metrics, since it is not possible to make an efficient measurement of efforts and investment, since reports and results are from different sources, are not unified and cannot be easily consulted or analyzed.

Integrated Customer Engagement

The Integrated Customer Engagement Ecosystem diagram shows our recommendation of an operating model based on consumer engagement, implemented with several of our clients.

This model has as its central axis a Governance strategy and technological framework, which allows defining rules for access and control of the platforms, identity management, content approval, workflows, management of campaigns, integrated funnels, and a common data model, among many others integrated functions.

Our Operating Model provides access to the metrics, in real time, enables access to the data for the different departments that require them, since the company owns them, allowing us to have statistics from various sources compiled in one analysis dashboard for monitoring, control and optimization.