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Virtual and On-site Martech and CRM implementation services

Solvis Consulting provides a vast of professional services from customer engagement technology frameworks to customer strategy and from B2C marketing to Social Media Command Centers. We have skilled Marketing Technologists providing customized digital marketing solutions that can integrate with your CRM.

Our Experience

As leaders in niche, digital marketing and CRM integrations, we provide established and proven implementation skill and experience in technology and functional processes through collaborative teams and cost-effective structures, with the focus on marketing technologies and project management.


Certified Consultants - Use of Collaborative Tools - Remote Work Culture

Same or Close to Same Time Zone - Availability

Bilingual Consultants - Located in the USA, based in Mexico and throughout Latin America

Project Management Tools - Agile and Waterfall Methodologies

Domain Expertise from PMO to Architectures

Marketing Governance - Agile Marketing 

Certified and Trained In

Salesforce Administration | Sales Cloud | Service Cloud | Platform Developer | Social Studio | Marketing Cloud Email Specialist | Marketing Cloud Consultant | Hootsuite | Marketo | Hubspot | Gigya | Zoho | Scribesoft | Informatica

Featured Solutions and Services

Social Studio

Salesforce Social Studio implementation and integration with Service and Sales Cloud, Call Centers, using multiple brands and marketing agencies.

Hootsuite Enterprise

Hootsuite Enterprise implementation and integration with other Martech Technologies, such as Brandwatch, Salesforce and Marketo.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud implementation and integrations with Sales and Service Cloud and other solutions to create end to end customer journeys.

Salesforce Service Cloud and Sales Cloud

Design and implement CRM solutions that are integrated to Social Media, Call Centers, Back-office sistems and Marketing solutions. 

Marketo and Hubspot Marketing Automation

Implement Hubspot and Marketo integrated to Salesforce and other CRM solutions using native connectors or third-party solutions.

Pardot Marketing Automation

Implement and integrate Pardot with Salesforce using an integrated funnel approach with Connected Campaigns for both B2B and B2C segments.

Social Media Integration

Integrate Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to your marketing and CRM solutions for lead capture and feedback management, including the use of other related advertising technologies.

Data Management

Experience implementing Master Data Management platforms including data quality, customer data platforms and integrations to maximize your campaigns using the 360 Customer View.

Community Platforms

Community platforms that allow for the reduction of call center costs, increate site traffic and increased revenue for your business by creating advocates, knowledge and user-generated content.

Identity Management

Allows for social media and customer data to connect your existing applications via social login, comments, gamification, shared content, social profiles, and identity storage to create customer segments while protecting the privacy of your customers.

Customer Strategies

We assess your strategy in the following areas: customer definition, channels used, product and services, customer relationship cycle, metrics, culture, people, organization readiness, data quality and technologies.


Customer engagement requires hosted-applications and/or cloud applications to be integrated in order to manage the customer experience. We can help build blueprints and roadmaps.

Managed Services

Provide Managed Services for your CRM and Martech solutions with  a range of processes and functions in order to improve operations.

Support Services

Functional and technical support for process, applications, interfaces, and reports after the implementation was completed.